Business Development

If you have a business idea and do not know where to begin,  Yvonne's creative ability and professional background will help you build your business from the ground up.

This includes branding, website, and social media development. Her focus is create an executable strategy to help you reach your goal.  

She will work to create strategic avenues and partnerships to help make your business thrive by helping you increase your revenue and influence. 

Business Research

Developing a business requires a marketing strategy.  Market Research is the core focus when developing a new product or service. In a nutshell; market research helps you identify the people who want your product or service and what they will pay to get it?  As much as we would all like to believe that our idea is unique there is someone out there doing or creating something similar.  My goal is to help you identify and maximize your unique angle and identify your niche. 

Business Online

Being online is virtually mandatory for every successful business.  It is the way we do business now.  So many people try to avoid this crucial aspect of their business.  Rather you have a brick-and-mortar, a thriving online product, or a startup; How you show up online is pivotal.  Social Media opens us up to the world and exponentially expands your influence. Yvonne will help you develop an online strategy that helps you start where you are at.  She will also identify Social Media platforms that can help you scale your business and streamline your processes.

Business Protection

Preserving your legacy is a foundational principle of business.  Protecting your Intellectual Property will be the final focus of everything we do.  What is Intellectual Property? The working definition is, "Any product of the human intellect that the law protects from unauthorized use by others."

This is especially important as you engage online because there is so much exposure to your ideas and your ideas can easily be stolen and or used without your knowledge.  Yvonne has developed an online system to protect all of your creative endeavors.

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I am a basketball junkie; As a child, I played from sun-up to sun-down and ended up playing in High School and some college. My idol was John Wooden, who coached the UCLA Bruins for 27 seasons. He was known as the "Wizard of Westwood". No Basketball coach in collegiate history has won more championship games than him. My favorite John Wooden quote is, "Success is never final, failure is never fatal, and it's courage that counts." Whatever your entrepreneurial endeavors are, you are just one decision away from making your impact, expanding your influence, and stepping into greatness.  I would love to help you build your brand and establish your legacy.  Someone is waiting on what you have been carrying.  

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It' time to launch your encore! Launching Your Encore is a step-by-step business course creation training. It will give you strategies and tools that will help you identify a profitable E-course fusing your passion and professional expertise. It will also give you strategies to turn your E-course into live training sessions, coaching, consulting, and conferences. This video-driven course will also consist of live sessions with business strategists who are experts in their field of influence, study guides, worksheets, and a private Facebook group.

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