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Thank you for visiting our page! We are committed to publishing Christian literature that brings transformation to the Body of Christ. It is our goal to distribute books that will not only impact our generation but will impact generations to come. Our focus is books that enhance, heal, and strengthen Christian leaders, families and help believers live a deeper more purposed walk in Christ.

Our team, collectively, has over 20+ years of experience and education in writing, editing, publishing, and graphic design. We promise to take your book from ordinary to extraordinary and to turn your dream into a reality. Our strategy is to work closely with the author to maintain their voice and vision. 

Although, the primary scope of our books is to publish Christian literature we are open to accepting books outside of this genre if they do not violate our beliefs and principles. Our lifestyle section is designed for those books that add life and value to our audience.


As the author, you will retain 100% ownership and royalties, we will only be listed as your publisher.  Your book will be added to our catalog with a hyperlink to your website for purchase. If you are interested in selling your book through the Quiver Full online bookstore, we will retain a 10% royalty for marketing and printing. 

We look forward to working with you, dreaming with you and expanding the Kingdom with you.





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An intuitive interior design helps the reader move comfortably through your content, gives emphasis to important textual elements, and creates an organization that supports the overall goals of the book.

Our design team’s experience in multiple genres—from picture books to business titles to cookbooks—allows us to think outside the box when it comes to interiors, and our production editors will work directly with you to ensure we produce a layout that best represents your content.




Can’t find the words to say? We are here to help. We strategically create engaging content for your online endeavors. We write emails and generate eye-catching content for your website, social media, or blog. We offer all genres of writing that will create an online brand that is unforgettable.


We combine the power of art and technology to create a brand design that stands out and represents who you are.  We use a wide variety of graphic techniques, design elements, and artistic effects to create the brand of your dreams. We develop marketing materials, social media campaigns, book cover design, blog layouts, and more.


We make sure our editorial work is clear, accurate, and up to industry standards. We craft a book or blog that is print-ready. It's our pleasure to see your book or editorial project come to life. We ensure your book is perfect and able to be completed in an over-saturated market because we understand top-notch editing is the key to your professional profile and image.

cover design

Custom cover designs, interior layouts, infographics, and illustrations give much needed visual meaning to vital words. Amplify Publishing Group’s graphic designers are experts at the marriage of art and content and have a holistic eye when it comes to graphic design, giving authors a visual advantage in today’s competitive retail landscape.

When it comes time to create stunning websites and marketing materials, our team uses elements from your book’s style guide to create cohesive marketing collateral that is unique to you and your title.

cover design

You can judge a book by its cover, and readers will. A cover represents the first opportunity to establish the authority of your content and sell to your target market, and a successful book cover will resonate with the core content and complement the genre as well.

APG’s designers work closely with our production editors to create cover concepts that capture each book’s meaning and attract its ideal reader. For business and sponsored titles, we’ll work within corporate and brand style guides to create a compatible tool to help grow your client base.

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Editing is the most crucial aspect of publishing an excellent book. We guarantee all books will go through three rounds  to ensure your book is clean and print ready. 



Also referred to as developmental editing. During this process, we will review your manuscript for spelling, capitalization, verb tenses, punctuation, grammatical errors and verify the validity of your content.


0-12,000 words - .03 a word

12,001 - 60,000 - .035 a word

60,0001 - 150,000 - .040 a word



We will review your final proof for any misspelled words, grammatical errors and formatting.


0-12,000 words - .02 a word

12,001 - 60,000 - .025 a word

60,0001 - 150,000 - .030 a word



This is the final round of editing that will catch any errors that the first two rounds failed to.  The second set of fresh eyes is valuable to our process and will produce a book that is extraordinary. 

Any manuscript over 150,001 will requires a quote 


We provide top-of-the-line marketing materials to give you the tools you need to successfully launch your book. Your book will be sold by the top industry leaders such as Amazon, Ingram, Barnes and Noble, and Apple Itunes. Marketing is key to get the exposure you need to compete in today's market.  We offer the following services.  


3 Social Media Platforms with content

Amazon Author's Page 

Author's Website

Press releases




Book layout and design

Marketing Cards

Business Cards 

Book Marks

Banners and more


We provide the following services: 


You have a great idea and would love to see the finished product, so where do you start? Well, that is where we come in. It takes a lot of mental fortitude to write and complete a book. So, what exactly does a book coach do? Our primary focus is to help you complete your book.

How we accomplish this, is by initially establishing a completion date with corresponding timelines and checkpoints to ensure you meet your goal.  We act as a writing partner, help you strategize, stay on task, execute your ideas, help you get your words on paper and provide emotional support.

We understand that one of the keys to writing a good book and completing it is accountability. So many things can arise and to have someone who you can be accountable to is a sure fire way to get the job done. We will also help you define precisely where you are in the book writing process so that you won't waste your time or money.  We look forward to working with you.

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Hard copy, soft copy, digital, Kindle ISBN,


Additional services

Publishing Company development

Marketing material


APG registers titles with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Chapters/Indigo and has relationships with Books-A-Million, Hudson News, Costco, and more. We also work with Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Follett, and ReaderLink—the preferred distributors for bookstores, warehouse clubs, museums, and gift shops. Though we can’t guarantee brick-and-mortar placement, we have the relationships and industry knowledge to improve an author’s odds in this competitive industry.

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