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Entering into Your Wealthy Season

Emotional and spiritual poverty is being annihilated. The joy of the Lord will be your greatest commodity. God wants you to be completely whole in every aspect. So many are entrenched in emotional and spiritual poverty. If you are being assaulted by demonic sadness, depression, anxiety, shame, and condemnation lift your eyes, the prison doors are open. As you embrace your liberty in Christ it will impact your life in profound ways. True financial liberty and freedom are in direct relationship to what you are experiencing on the inside (3 John 2).

God wants to expand your financial sphere of influence too! Your money has an assignment. Forbes wrote in November 2019 that we are on the heels of the greatest wealth transfer in history. The baby boomers, those born between 1944 and 1964, will transfer more than $30 trillion in wealth to the younger generation over the course of two decades. That is why it is time to launch your encore and start your business now!

In January 2019 the Holy Spirit alerted me we would experience an economic crash that would rival The Great Depression. Money is being snatched out of the hands of the wicked and transferred to people who know what to do with it, God's people. I shared this information with local pastors and people within my immediate leadership circle for clarification and confirmation.

The Lord directed me to Proverbs 6:7-8 for wisdom in this season of upheaval and change. Regarding the ant, He said, “Consider its ways and be wise. It has no chief, overseer, or ruler; yet it provides its food in summer and gathers its supplies at harvest time. The window of opportunity is swinging open. The Body of Christ is entering into the great wealth transfer. What many of us have heard about for years is upon us.

I realize what we are currently experiencing has been in motion since I was born in 1964; in retrospect, the signs are very clear. Your perspective must always point to the Kingdom and what the Lord is doing. One of Jesus’ main assignments was to introduce the people to another way of living, by establishing the Kingdom of God. He came to usher in a new world order, religious system, government, and economy. (Luke 4:33)

During this upheaval and change, many of you feel out of place and unhinged; but it’s okay. You are not behind schedule and if you are God knows how to catch you up. We, as a nation, are in a season of uprooting, and it is violent. So where are you? God is positioning you for great wealth and influence but there is a window of time in which you will be able to accomplish this. Therefore, if God has been encouraging you to start a business now is the time.

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