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Being an entrepreneur in this era is crucial. The technological advancements and a rapidly changing societal landscape are making entrepreneurship prime real estate. Retail stores are closing and or downsizing, leaving a gap in the market that needs to be filled. According to Business Insider, Amazon, Bath & Body Works, Walmart, and Foot Locker are among the chains shutting down stores. Bed Bath & Beyond closed 896 locations amid bankruptcy. Think about what you have to offer. This doesn’t mean you should quit your job tomorrow, it just means you can begin to build on the back end. When it’s time, the perfect opportunity will present itself.

I think I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit, which of course runs in my blood. My father created and designed furniture and my grandfather, during the Great Depression, decided to build his own successful metalworking and painting business. He was named one of the top businessmen in the state of Ohio. When the time came, I walked away from a 6-figure salary, and a 34-year career in healthcare to write my own story. The catalyst for me was when my VP said, “Your current job is training you for your next job.” Something in me was triggered and I never looked back.

To date, I have established two non-profits Yvonne Camper Ministries and Inland Valley House of Prayer, written 16 books and E-books, published 35 books, spearheaded the Deborah and Esther Arising Conference, (currently in our 4th year), and launched Yvonne Camper Consulting which is an online media, publishing and branding company.

I never could have imagined all of this was inside of me, but God knew. One of my favorite Biblical passages is Psalms 139:16… "Every day of my life, before my body was formed, was written in a book!" That is an incomprehensible concept. So, my life was not a crapshoot but divinely orchestrated. My goal is to help you tap into who you really are and discover what’s inside of you.

Here are 6 reasons why you should start planning now:

1. PERFECT TIMING – The pandemic accelerated the remote and digital economy. Entrepreneurs who can leverage these trends by creating online businesses, digital products, or remote services might find themselves well-positioned for success.

2. GLOBAL REACH - With the internet, businesses can have a global reach more easily than ever before. Entrepreneurs can tap into international markets and collaborate with partners from around the world, expanding their potential customer base and growth opportunities.

3. ACCESS TO RESOURCES - In recent years, there has been an increase in resources available to support entrepreneurs, including startup incubators, accelerators, funding opportunities, and mentorship programs. These resources can provide valuable guidance and support for those looking to start their own ventures.

4. PERSONAL FULFILLMENT - Entrepreneurship allows individuals to pursue their passions, take ownership of their work, and make a meaningful impact. This sense of purpose and fulfillment can be especially important in a rapidly changing world.

5. OPPORTUNITY - The business landscape is continually evolving due to technological advancements and changing consumer preferences. Entrepreneurs are often at the forefront of these changes, driving innovation and disrupting traditional industries with new solutions and business models.


Diligence is the motivating force behind a brilliant launch and execution. Diligence is doing a little thing for a long time until you see results. It is the enemy of procrastination which is a habit not a disposition.


But you shall remember [with profound respect] the Lord your God, for it is He who is giving you power to make wealth, that He may confirm His covenant which He swore (solemnly promised) to your fathers, as it is this day (DEUTERONOMY 8:18)

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