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Stop procrastinating! It's time to launch

I have been navigating the online space for 6 years now. Finding your voice can be challenging and etching out your unique identity takes intentionality. Defining who you are, what your message is, and what you have to offer is the goal.

Listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit, I have built three companies in the six years since I quit my job; two non-profits and a digital business consulting firm. I have also created three E-courses, recorded over 253 videos on YouTube, written over 100 blogs, Written 4 books, and 10 ebooks, Published 20 books for others, launched a women's conference and ministry, built a thriving coaching practice, Launched 5 profitable entrepreneurs, built websites and gained 12,000+ followers online. All without trying and I have not worked a job in over 6 years.

Today I can finally say I think I am there. It's difficult to scale up when you don't know where you are going. I have to embrace the notion, that at almost 60 I am an influencer, publisher, web designer, author, and digital creator. I have always had creative ability and talent, I just always thought it was a hobby. Don't give up on your passion, like the sailors of old would say, "I see land!" You're almost there!

Visit me online and join my mailing list at the links in my bio! I would love to connect!

I love what one of my business coaches said, "Sometimes you have to go dark so you can shine bright." - Nicole Walters

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